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Transport law
Our advisory and advocacy services in this practice area principally cover:

• Private Hire Vehicles and Hackney Carriage Licences.
• Goods Vehicle and Passenger Service Vehicle Operator Licences.
• Driver conduct hearings.
• Related motoring offences (including tachograph and Traffic Offences including Tachograph and Construction Use Offences).

In respect of Private Hire Vehicles and Hackney Carriage Licences, Our barristers can provide advice and representation for applications for licences, compliance with local authority regulations, attempts to revoke licences, the validity of policies concerning private hire vehicles and hackney carriages licences and in appeals against decisions involving licences.

Our barristers can offer specialist advice and representation, both on instruction through solicitors and under the Direct Public Access scheme, to any Operator, Transport Manager or a Driver who been called to appear at a public inquiry before a Traffic Commissioner in respect of Goods Vehicle Licence or Passenger Service Vehicle Operator Licence.

We are also able to offer separate representation for Operators, Transport Managers and Drivers called to attend at a public inquiry in the traffic areas of England and Wales before a Traffic Commissioner.

Specialist advice and representation is available for the following issues:

• The rules and requirements regarding financial standing.
• Applications for a new or variation of an existing Goods Vehicle Licence or Passenger Service Vehicle Operator Licence, particularly where concerns have been raised about whether an operator satisfies the statutory requirements to hold a licence (e.g. where there are questions raised over good repute or the professional competence of an operator or manager).
• Applications for a new licence or a variation to an existing Operator’s licence where there are environmental concerns have been raised.
• Any shortcomings of an existing Operator and to determine whether regulatory action is likely to be required, including the exercise of the Traffic Commissioner’s powers to revoke, suspend or curtail a licence or disqualify an individual as a director of a company and to take away.
• Any practical steps we think an operator should taking in advance of a public inquiry.
• Offering undertakings to the traffic commissioner.
• Where appropriate, exercise of the right of appeal to the Transport Tribunal.

We also offer advice and representation, including a direct public access basis, to drivers called up to attend Driver Conduct Hearings before a Traffic Commissioner in the traffic areas of England and Wales, including cases in which there is a risk of their HGV licence being revoked or suspended.

Our barristers also offer specialist advice and representation to drivers in cases concerning drivers’ hours, tachograph offences and breaches of the Construction & Use Regulations (i.e. overweight vehicles). We provide advocacy services in the magistrates’ court and in appeals to the Crown Court.