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Motoring Offences
We offer specialist advice and representation for driving offences committed in England and Wales. We fully appreciate the importance of the obtaining the best possible outcome in these cases, particularly for those who drive for a living for whom there may be potentially serious consequences of being disqualified from driving.

We offer advice and representation in relation to a wide range of motoring offences and related proceedings and applications, including:

• Speeding offences (covering both mobile and static cameras).
• Offences for excess alcohol or drugs, including drink-driving and being drunk in charge.
• Dangerous driving and driving without due care and attention.
• Offences in relating to driving licences and motor insurance.
• Driving whilst disqualified.
• Tachometer offences.
• Touting for hire.
• HGV, tachograph and overloading offences.
• Breaches of construction and use regulations.
• Applications to have a licence restored.
• Disqualification for health reasons.
• Loss of licence due to age or medical conditions.
• Application of the ‘totting up’ provisions.
• Special reasons not to disqualify and exceptional hardship.

We are able to provide expert advice on the availability of specific defences and in suitable cases indicate where expert evidence should be obtained and assist in ensuring an expert is instructed appropriately.